REVIEWS: 100 Cameras in 1 / Instagram

With the advent of better cameras on on mobile devices, photo apps are key!  I am amazed at the pics my IPhone takes.  Not sure it will ever replace my DSLR, but still great for easy walk on by type pics!

I have an IPhone and IPad and truly love my friend Trey Ratcliff’s app called “100 Cameras in 1“.  I just have the IPhone version and do have an IPad…but not IPad 2 with the camera.  The phone version is so cool!  IPad 2 version is also available.  I love textures and this app will give you some great effects on your phone pics!   Trey has come up with some cool names and sweet effects.  Your pics become instant art!  So many choices to choose from.  Check out the link here “review” to get all the details you want.  For $0.99 on your phone…thats tough to beat!!  Kudos Trey!!

After I create art with Trey’s app…I have found a cool up and coming photo app site called “Instagram” (thanks to Leo Laporte and Sarah Lane).  Its free and very cool.  Kinda like a Flickr for your phone without the “Awards” and “Bling” that makes Flickr kinda blah to me.   When you add or take a pic…you can also make a simple color/effect change to it in the app.  Download and you are off!

You can find me at “Talkephotography”.  You can add friends and follow others.  But what is cool about the pics is that they are phone versions (or at least most of them).   I take some phone pics and they are basically my everyday views.  A different style for me.  Fun to post em!  So my flow is take a pic…use 100 Cameras in 1 then add it into Instagram.  Here are a few of my recent posts below.

For those camera phone photographers…go have fun!  I know I do!!

Trey Ratcliff’s Photowalk – March 13th (Austin, TX)

If anyone is in the Austin area…I will be joining Trey and a bunch of my Austin HDR buddies this Sunday nite downtown for Trey’s Photowalk at SXSW!   Join us if you can!!  Gonna be a great time!!   Click here for info…

Trey’s Photowalk March 13th – Austin, TX

NEWS: Digital Photo Experience – International HDR Day Winner!

I just returned from a week’s holiday to find out I was selected one of the winners of Rick Sammon’s – Digital Photo Experience – International HDR Day on June 26th!  Four HDR’s were selected as the winners and my recent texture added photo from St. Lorenz in Nurnberg, Germany was picked out by Rick Sammon and Trey Ratcliff (Stuck in Customs) from the DPE Flickr Group.

The link is located here…International HDR Day I read Rick and Trey’s Blogs everyday….. it is a great honor!!!  Thanks so much guys!!!!   Also check out Rick’s DPE Podcast on iTunes…another podcast I listen to all the time!  Trey has been an big inspiration and to me is the HDR Guru!  He has a wonderful blog called Stuck in Customs! Check out his amazing work!

It is my goal to post fantastic shots at Places 2 Explore everyday!  ..and a nice feeling to win an award and also receive such great feedback all the time from you guys!!   Such response keeps pushing me to take better and better shots!! Have fun and don’t forget to check out Rick and Trey’s sites!