Spaceship Oakley (HDR)

Oakley Spaceship_Talke
I had a little fun with an HDR I took of the Oakley Headquarters in Foothill Ranch. Looks like a spaceship cruising in the clouds. Have fun with your photos and sometimes think outside the box! =)

Or how about an Oakley Robot…with a little Cylon eye.
Oakley Robot_Talke

One more version…
Oakley Head B&W Eye _TalkeSW

Foothill Ranch, CA – Oakley Spaceship

The Oakley headquarters is awesome! If you are in Orange County, a must to stop by and see this building…very cool! Inside and out! One the outside, it look like a spaceship…so I added a little textured effect. One spot at the building I’d love to HDR is the Auditorium inside. Hopefully one day! It would due another super cool HDR! Oakley Sunglasses rock!

City in the Sky (HDR)

I love going through my pics and taking a quick glance and guess what will turn out to be a solid HDR. This one was different. I took a look at it and my brain’s immediate output was the shot above…a mirror image of the building flipped to create an artistic view. Strange!!! I usually do not think of abstract art…but this one popped right away. A different style for me. A city in the sky? A spaceship? Something form Metropolis movie? Just a fun way to process! Enjoy!