Yorba Linda, CA – Nixon Library

Nixon Library_Talke
If you come visit my hometown…a must see is the Nixon Library. The tour is decent, but the view of the reflecting pool is tough to beat! I posted an IR version of this shot a while back. This is the normal view. Both very cool! Enjoy!

Yorba Linda, CA – Richard Nixon Library & Museum (Infrared)

From my hometown of Yorba Linda, CA…the Richard Nixon Library and Museum is down the road a few minutes from my house. I had never visited and decided to take a lunch and run over for a few photos. SoCal is known for sunshine and cloudless days….so I brought along my IR Camera. I took the tour and it was a cool experience. I took a few HDR’s look for them here soon. The shot above is of the reflecting pool. Probably the best shot at this location. Perfect for a mid afternoon infrared shot! Enjoy!!

Sports Room in HDR

I was looking thru some old pics and found an HDR fisheye pic of my old sports room! This was from a few years back…my man cave in all its glory! If any of you have been reading my blog for the past years…I am a big Pittsburgh sports fan…Steelers, Pirates and Penguins! Basketball…Celtics all the way! Unfortunately, its all packed away now. Up on top of the walls you can see all my original Sports Illustrated covers…kept since 1978! Fat Heads, autographed stuff all over, posters, cards, hats from each visit to the Burgh, hey even for video game fans..my original Intellivision, Atari and Nintendo…all working!! Hey even check out the VCR! Classic!!

Mineral Wells, TX – Baker Hotel (Infrared)

How about a swim?? The lovely pool located at the Baker Hotel will cool you off nicely! This shot is kinda puts my eyes to work….the pool reflection makes it fun! Looks like a cannonball is not possible at this time. Maybe the ghosts here can bust one out!