News: Social Media & Talke Photography

Technology is great and the options for Photographers is growing! Above are a few new options to reach Talke Photography.
Google+: Possibly a FB destroyer? From what I have seen in a few weeks…yes!
500px: A new an improved Flickr. Super talented Photogs on here!! Only post your best work! If you have this app…look me up! I post my cell phone pics. Something fun a diff for me!
Enjoy social media! Of course I am still on Twitter and Facebook! Whats next for us all? Cant wait!

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Porto, Portugal – Luis Bridge

Porto at nite is stunning.  One of the better views of the city can be from the Luis Bridge.  In the middle of  the bridge railway cars travel in each direction.  Walking paths are on either side.   This shot above is from walking across at nite and enjoying the view ahead.

Info from the web: The Luís  Bridge (Ponte Luís I) is a metal arch bridge that spans the Douro River between the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal. At the time of construction its span of 172 m was the longest of its type in the world. The Government held a competition for the construction of a metallic bridge over the Douro River on a site that was adjacent to an existing bridge and would replace it. Téophile Seyrig had already engineered the D. Maria Pia Bridge project nearby, whilst working as a partner of Eiffel. He now took sole responsibility for the new, major Luís 1st Bridge. The construction was begun in 1881 and the bridge opened on 31 October 1886.

Talke Photography Settings:

  • Camera:  Nikon D300
  • Lens: Nikon 18-200 VR f/3.5-5.6
  • Setting: Aperture  Mode
  • Focal Length: 50.0mm
  • ISO: 400
  • Exposure:  1/8 second
  • Aperture:  f/4
  • Gear:  Tripod
  • Post Process: Adobe CS4
  • Boulder, Colorado – A Hike in the Woods (HDR)

    After a day of work I had the evening free and wanted to go walk near the Flatirons in lovely Boulder, CO.  The best area to view or walk amongst them is a Chautauqua Park…located just minutes from downtown Boulder.  Here you park and can walk numerous trails around the mountains.  It was about 6 PM and groups were gathering, preparing for hikes.  Now I am not a big hiker…especially with an extra 20 lbs of camera gear on my back…but wanted to see the Flatirons as close as possible and decided to head up the hills!  It was a toasty 85 degrees, so when I wanted to take a break, I set up my tripod and snapped a few pics.  I lasted about for about 40 minutes uphill and wanted to head back to get a sunset shot in the open grounds.  This shot above was from my trek back…downhill!  Whew!!    Such a wonderful place to enjoy nature!    I read there are trails that go up above the Flatirons to a place called the Royal Arch.  Sounds like another hike one day!

    Click here for trail maps and park info.  Chautauqua Park I’d love to be there when snow is falling…I can imagine its amazing!!  I;ll post a Flatiron HDR soon!  Enjoy!

    Talke Photography Settings:

  • Camera:  Nikon D300
  • Lens: Nikon 12-24 f/4
  • Setting: Aperture  Mode
  • Focal Length: 18.0mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Exposure:  HDR 5 exposures (+2 to -2)
  • Aperture:  f/16
  • Gear:  Tripod
  • Post Process: Adobe CS4, Photomatix, Viveza, Color Efex Pro
  • Austin, Texas – Mayfield Park – Peacock

    We have a few cute little parks in Austin, Texas.  This one is called Mayfield Park.  Here you can find some small ponds with water lilies and lots of dragonflies.  What this park is famous for are the 20 or so peacocks that live here!  I took a morning off recently and drove up to the park.  It was my first visit.  I was amazed to see so many peacocks all over!  In trees, walking around, sleeping in the grass!  I only noticed 1 or 2 with feathers and I asked a worker and he told me it was offseason as they lose there feathers at this time.  I had hoped to catch a peacock with its feathers spread wide and proud.  No luck.  My only choice was close up shots.  These dudes are used to people….it was pretty easy.  I added a little Fractalius to this guy for a cool effect!

    I checked the website and found this info…I’ll head back in late February!

    • Winter – The long tail feathers grow out on the adult males.
    • Late winter/Spring – The peacocks start fanning their tails to court the females. This starts around February and continued throughout the spring.
    • Spring – Peahens will sit on their nest of eggs.
    • Late Spring/early summer – The peachicks hatch.
    • Summer – The peacocks loose their long tail feathers (July/early August)