Infrared Photography Book – Title Ideas??

My writing is underway for the IR photography book.  Rough shelf date is Jan 2012.  We are thinking of a name for the title…Of course it starts as Infrared Photography then a phrase.  My rough idea was “Infrared Photography, A Creative Edge”.  Not bad, but I am open for any ideas!   Post your title in the comments below or on my Facebook page.  If we pick your choice…I will be glad to get you a free copy of the book!!!  So post your ideas away!!  (Please note: the final decision for the title may come from other sources)

Places 2 Explore News:

Hello everyone!  I took this past week off for the first time since starting my blog in March of 2009…after 602 posts and now over 600,000 visitors, I have decided to keep Places 2 Explore running..but with one BIG change.  Instead of my 6 days a week posting…unfortunately, I am going to switch it to a Saturday (only) post…1 day a week.  I have been shooting many portraits recently and even shot a banquet!  This has kept me very very busy.   My original goal was to start my portrait business one day and one area must suffer…that will be my landscape shots.   So I will begin my portrait learning process immediately.  After a few shoots, I see I have lots to learn! Please come back and read P2E on every Saturday!  Have fun!   Thanks for all your visits and comments!   Cheers, Pete


News: Austin SMUG Meeting – Oct 20th (Infrared Photography w/Pete Talke)

Mark your calendars for this month’s Austin SMUG meeting…I will be speaking about IR Photography!

Date: October 20th

Location: AT&T Executive and Education & Conference Center

Time: 7 PM – 8:30 PM

I plan give an overview on IR and utilize my new upcoming eBook “Infrared Photography for DSLR’s” . Click this link to sign up and RSVP!   Austin SMUG Hope to see you there!!

The Photographer’s Right

I always try to catch up and read my friend’s blogs.  Dave Wilson has “News and Views from Dave Wilson“.  He had a great post yesterday about Security Guards and having issues with a tripod taking photos of a building.  Dave, I agree with you 100%!  I have had my share of security run ins.  After reading Dave’s comments, it gets me fired up.  For those that may not know…there is a PDF out there called “The Photographer’s Right”.  It is posted below.  I always keep a copy in my camera bag.  If you want to get a copy, just click the photo.  As more people are buying DSLR’s, taking photos has become more difficult around town for security reasons.  Throw in a tripod and you are a target for all security guards.  I understand that certain areas should not be photographed…Military and Government Installations, but  I am always curious as to why certain Churches will not allow photographs using a  tripod without permission?  This issue can be dragged out forever.  I just wish one day, it becomes easier for us photographer’s…not worse!!   Sadly, the outlook does not look good.  At least Disney allows tripods!!  =)