Paris, France – Louvre (HDR)

I was cleaning up my hard drive over the weekend and looked at the color version of the Louvre and wanted to post it…not sure which is better? Color or B&W? Both cool…maybe color?

Boulder, CO – Hotel Boulderado (HDR)

From the lovely town of Boulder, CO…you can find the classic Hotel Boulderado. I was up here at 5 AM this day to capture the hotel in HDR. It always try to capture a subject at quiet time and some people are always up walking around at this super early time. The fun of photography! Waiting for peeps to pass on by!

Some info from the web: As one of the first Boulder hotels, the hotel’s name comes from the words “Boulder” and “Colorado” so no guest would forget where they had stayed. The hotel has become a National Register Landmark and is a member of the National Trust’s Historic Hotels of America.

The Victorian elegance of the property will embrace you from the moment you step foot into our lobby. Our stained glass ceiling and cantilevered cherry wood staircase, elegantly furnished guestrooms, and comfortable antique furnished sitting areas will impress even the most discriminating traveler.

The magnificent lobby foreshadows the luxurious decor of each of our 160 guestrooms and suites. Many of our rooms feature spectacular views of the Rocky Mountain foothills. All of them welcome you with comfortable surroundings and an array of modern conveniences. The in-house award-winning restaurant, gift shop, and lounges all ensure that you can accomplish any number of tasks just a few steps outside your guestroom door.

Since we opened on New Year’s Day in 1909 as Boulder’s first luxury hotel, we have sought to provide the highest level of service to our guests. Hotel literature from the 1920’s stated “every guest may expect the best and get it.”

Talke Photography Settings:

Lens: Nikon 12-14 f/4.0
Setting: Aperture Mode
Focal Length: 12.0 mm
ISO: 200
Exposure: HDR 7 Exposures (+3 to -3)
Aperture: f/13
Gear: Tripod
Post Process: Adobe CS5, HDR Efex Pro, Coloro Efex Pro, OnOne Software Photo Tools 2.6

Buffalo, New York – St. Stanislaus Church (HDR)

From the beautiful St. Stanislaus nestled in near downtown Buffalo, NY, the photo above was processed in HDR to show the amazing details of this church.  I was a bit afraid driving near this location to grab this shot.  The local area is a bit questionable.  I went in took my pics and got outta there fast!   LOL   The things we do for photos!!

Info from the web: St. Stanislaus is the oldest Polish parish in the diocese of Buffalo, and maybe the oldest in New York State (St. Stanislaus in NYC also founded the same year). The first pastor and founder was Rev. Jan Pitass, a Silesian who was the “irremovable pastor” for 39 years. Pitass, the pioneer priest, is also considered the founder of the Polish American community in Western New York. A national known figure, he built an enormous empire for the Poles on the east side of Buffalo. He established a parish school and brought the Felician sisters to Buffalo in 1882, he founded a parish cemetery in 1889, co founded a national fraternal organization, Unia Polska w Ameryce and was responsible for the first Polish Catholic Convention in America.

Talke Photography Settings:

  • Camera:  Nikon D300
  • Lens: Nikon 12-24 F/4
  • Setting: Aperture  Mode
  • Focal Length: 14.0mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Exposure:  HDR 5 exposures (+2 to -2)
  • Aperture:  f/8
  • Gear:  Tripod
  • Post Process: Adobe CS4, Photomatix, Color Efex Pro, Viveza