News: Social Media & Talke Photography

Technology is great and the options for Photographers is growing! Above are a few new options to reach Talke Photography.
Google+: Possibly a FB destroyer? From what I have seen in a few weeks…yes!
500px: A new an improved Flickr. Super talented Photogs on here!! Only post your best work! If you have this app…look me up! I post my cell phone pics. Something fun a diff for me!
Enjoy social media! Of course I am still on Twitter and Facebook! Whats next for us all? Cant wait!

Talke Photography (Peter Talke) is on Google+

Talke Photography is on 500px

Talke Photography is on (Phone/Tablet App)

Flickr – Deep Thoughts

I was listening to a photography podcast yesterday and they were talking about the lack of importance of Flickr.  It got my attention.  I have been on Flickr for a few years now. There is no super in depth way to see how posting affects your business.  Yes, you do get many views on Flickr and maybe some search engines find your pics…but is it really worth the time?  Up until recently I would post a photo…make sure it was in its proper group, then put it in many groups trying to get as many views as possible.  Then as always being kind, as most on Flickr…if my friends commented…I would glady comment on their photo.

So all this work on a site to me that is antiquated.   Flickr rarely updates and expands new services.  It is the same to me as when I joined years ago.   Social Media is important to us photographers…but to what extent?   My thoughts last year were that all photographers that want to grow need to have a web site, blog, Facebook, Twitter and be on Flickr.   Now everyone has their own ideas and preferences…now I think only a website, blog and Facebook are needed….maybe Twitter?   But Flickr may be a waste of time?

Yes, I did get into a few magazine articles and get to work with Getty Images from Flickr….and most of all meet some great friends.  But I am contemplating not posting on Flickr any longer.  It is worth a photographers time?  I’d like to hear your comments as well.

Pummelvision by Vimeo!

My Pummelvision….

Thanks to recent posts using Pummelvision by my good friend’s Dave Wilson and Jim Nix….here is my collection of photos via Flickr set to video all in 1 minute and 31 seconds!  Enjoy!

Here are Dave & Jim’s blogs:  News and Views by Dave Wilson & Nomadic Pursuits