Austin, Texas – Introducing Super Color Infrared by LifePixel!!

I just received my new Nikon D70s (bought on Ebay used)…then had it converted with the  LifePixel “Super Color”  filter.  My current Nikon D70S is the “Enhanced Color” version.  Now I have two IR cameras!  The shot above was my first shot ever with the new filter.  It surely has some super color!!   Below is the comparison of the Enhanced Color version….

Both were with the Nikon D70S, Nikon 12-24 lens, f/11, S 1/250 second.   I processed the Enhanced version as I would normally see it.  After I had my version complete…I tried to play with the Hue/Saturation to see if I could match the “Super Color” version.   I did get somewhat close…but it lacked in the pop or extra kick of color.  So it just looked flat.  I have only a very small amount of experience with this new Super Color…so I will get more details up soon.  I have seen other color styles that will look cool.  I’ll get a few more shots in this weekend.  As always….a learning curve is needed!  I guess now I will have to pack and carry 3 cameras…ouch!!  =))