Infrared Photography for DSLR’s eBook has arrived!!

The Infrared Photography for DSLR’s ebook is now available!  I am working on a digital download version.  Not sure yet on how to e-commerce it yet.

The format is a PDF (891 MB).  It contains 93 pages and you can see the Table of Contents above.  At this time when you visit (IR eBook)…you can place an order and I will send a confirming email at days end.  The next day I will personally send the file on a CD-ROM to you via US mail.  Cost of the eBook is $12.25 (includes shipping and handling).

If you are eager to learn about IR photography, this is a great start!  Thanks so much for your interest!   ~ Pete Talke

News: Austin SMUG Meeting – Oct 20th (Infrared Photography w/Pete Talke)

Mark your calendars for this month’s Austin SMUG meeting…I will be speaking about IR Photography!

Date: October 20th

Location: AT&T Executive and Education & Conference Center

Time: 7 PM – 8:30 PM

I plan give an overview on IR and utilize my new upcoming eBook “Infrared Photography for DSLR’s” . Click this link to sign up and RSVP!   Austin SMUG Hope to see you there!!

NEWS: Infrared Photography eBook Update!

Just a quick update on my upcoming eBook on Infrared Photography for DSLR’s!  It is coming along great! Last nite I passed Page 50.  It is looking like it will end up around 80-95 pages!   Its a simple and straight forward book…I will not bore you with details on super technical items in regards to IR.  This eBook will just give you an overview and my thoughts on settings and tips.  Plus my last 30 pages will be 3 to 4 photos step by step post process details!  If you are interested in IR…look for it soon!  I will plan to have it completed by Mid October!  Keep ya posted!  A sneak peak is above!!

NEWS: Infrared Photography ebook (Coming soon!)

I started work on my first ebook…Infrared Photography.  I hope to have it completed by Mid October!   I will let you know when it is available.  I’ll make sure to keep it under $10.00.  It will be a nice resource for anyone wanting to learn about and see how I process my Infrared photos!   – Pete