“The Scariest Places on Earth – Stanley Hotel” Book

Stanley Hotel
I just received my copy of the new book…The Scariest Places on Earth, Stanley Hotel. Just in time for Halloween! Why am I excited…they have used my HDR photo of room 217 inside! Below is a scan from the book of my photo. Very cool! I always enjoy seeing where my pics show up. This book is for kids. You can find it on Amazon.com here…

Scariest Places on Earth – Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel Book

Photography – Copyright Protection

Many of you out there are photographers and we always have concerns about our photos. We post all over the internet in efforts to grow as photographers. But at what cost? How many of you have found your image stolen and used without permission? I bet most of you!

I recently purchased the book… Photographer’s Survival Manual: A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age. If you are serious about your photography…it is a must own! On Amazon..its $14.07. It is an easy read and the author takes you through step by step how to register your photos with the US government.

The difference from someone stealing your without copyright might be a pay out if you are lucky of $100-$2000. If copyrighted and a lawyer is involved…pay out might be six figures!!! (of course values may vary depending on the usage) So why not copyright your photos?? I followed the instructions and it took me about 30 minutes and tested out 300 HDR’s. Cost: $35.00!!! Just yesterday after a month or so…I recvd my official document!!!

My pics are now officially copyrighted. Now you have to decide what is best for you. I know there are many well known photographers that state creative commons is a great solution. I tried it and it was not for me. I prefer to protect my IP. My opinion is that most all businesses protect their IP with copyright…why shouldn’t all photographers? Why is it the “in” thing to be creative commons? There are tons of photographers out there. Why should we not protect our business? Read the book and you can decide what works for you. This is just my opinion. You may react differently. Have fun!

Review: Photoshop Compositing Secrets – by Matt Kloskowski

This past week I picked up a copy of Matt Klowskowski’s “Photoshop Compositing Secrets” – Unlocking the Key to Perfect Selections and Amazing Photoshop Effects for Totally Realistic Composites. I have been learning to shoot portraits more and more these days. I love composite sports portraits and in the past year found an artist/photographer called Joel Grimes. I truly love his work. I have been trying to accomplish such portraits, but have come up short without the proper tutorial. I picked up bits and pieces…more info was needed.

A month or ago I heard that Matt Kloskowski (@mattkloskowski) was coming out with a compositing book. I was excited to finally get some super inside scoops! I picked up the book and after reading through it was amazed! Wonderful book Matt!!! I would call this my favorite photo tutorial book to date!! The book contains 16 fantastic Chapters and a whopping total of 381 pages filled with tons of great secrets:

1. Selection Secrets
2. Basic Composite
3. Creating Motion
4. Senior Portrait
5. Professional Office
6. Family Group Portrait
7. Studio Sports Portrait
8. Live Concert
9. Multiple-Exposure Action Photo
10. Movie Poster
11. Ultra-Gungg/Edgy HDR Background
12. Sports Template
13. Single Photo Composite
14. One Person-Mulitple Poses
15. Adding Illustration
16. Advanced Commercial Compositing

Matt gives you all the details from lighting, photo set up and photoshop settings. All done in an easy and simple picture filled way…so you can create your own art and fantastic composites. Here you can see some of the shots used in the tutorials…great work!

Now my skill level for composites if very very low…I did a quick attempt after reading Matt’s Chapter 13 – Single Photo Composite I learned how to do this in 5 minutes!

If this style is of interest to you and you want to learn compositing…go pick up Matt’s book! I will give it 10 Selections out of 10 Selections! Kudos Matt!! You can also find lots of great photography tutorials over at Kelby Training

Infrared Photography Book – Title Ideas??

My writing is underway for the IR photography book.  Rough shelf date is Jan 2012.  We are thinking of a name for the title…Of course it starts as Infrared Photography then a phrase.  My rough idea was “Infrared Photography, A Creative Edge”.  Not bad, but I am open for any ideas!   Post your title in the comments below or on my Facebook page.  If we pick your choice…I will be glad to get you a free copy of the book!!!  So post your ideas away!!  (Please note: the final decision for the title may come from other sources)