Yorba Linda, CA – Pine Tree (IR)

Backyard Tree IR
A pine tree I enjoy seeing in my neighbors backyard everyday (just something about it)…its big and about 30-40 feet high. I always look up and think, if the sky was good…I could make a cool pic! Here it is in Infrared! Enjoy!

Denver, Colorado – Bronco (HDR)

I fly into Denver a decent amount a times per year. Every time I ride the car rental shuttle bus I pass this super cool Bronco statue. Tough to miss! I always say…I have to grab that shot one day! It is located in the middle of the major roads going in and out of the airport. This day I was driving back to the airport early and decided to pass the Hertz return center and pull on the shoulder….park my car and take the 5 minute walk up to the Bronco with my gear. Not sure if it is the safest idea…but sometimes to get cool shots, ya gotta do dumb things! The surrounding area is not great…so I added some textures to spruce it up. It was taken during the winter time and was a bit chilly this day as well! Now I can take this shot of the bucket list!

Spring in Texas – Blue Bonnets

It has finally been a prefect spring here in Texas! Lots of rain and nice warm temperatures. This means tons of Blue Bonnets. Last year we barley had any…this year is the most I have ever seen! Riding down a road or highway, they are wonderful to see! Big patches all over! What Austin photographer cannot resist posting a shot of Blue Bonnets this week! Hope spring has arrived in your area!

Spring Flowers in Infrared

From last spring while walking around Mayfield Park here in Austin one lunch…this one tree had some lovely flowers blooming and I shot it in IR. The added bokeh gives it a nice feel. We are about a week away here in Texas from getting our spring flowers…hope winter was not too bad for you where you live! My IR camera will be ready for the foliage!!

Talke Photography Settings:

Camera: Nikon D70S (Converted to Infrared)
Infrared Conversion: D70S modified by LifePixel
Lens: Nikon 18-200 f/3.6-5.6
Setting: Aperture Mode
Focal Length: 56.0 mm
ISO: 200
Exposure: 1/180 second
Aperture: f/11
Gear: Hand held
Post Process: Adobe CS5, onOne Software Photo Tools 2.6, Nik Color Efex pro

Infrared Portrait

One area I am eager to grow my experience in is Infrared Portraits. The shot above was one of my first serious attempts. Doa is stunning and was wonderful to work with this day! Her dark hair lead to fun colors in infrared! Whats cool is that she now has her own blog called Doa Blue! Doa feel free to use this pic…due to its blue tone! =) You can find her blog here…Doa Blue. Good luck in your modeling career!!

Austin, Texas – Rhapsody Mural (HDR)

I have been curious recently in regards to photographing graffiti in Austin. In my search I came across this amazing mural! It is called “Rhapsody” created by John Yancey located in the Dr. Charles E. Urdy Plaza located on E. 11th and Waller Streets…a small area located in East Austin. I found lots a great spots around there thanks to a heads up from my good friend Jim Nix.

Some info on the web about “Rhapsody”: Seventy years ago, East 11th Street was Austin’s mecca for jazz. Amateur groups played at local parks on weekend afternoons, and legends Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Ornette Coleman played at eastside venues like Charlie’s Playhouse and the Cotton Club. Those great jazz joints may be a thing of the past, but the brass is alive again on the east side. It bursts forth in “Rhapsody,” a vivid and intricate mosaic mural. “Before there was a Sixth Street, there was an Eleventh Street,” says Yancey. “When that area went down, we lost a lot of that jazz and blues kind of energy. But that’s certainly one of the parts of history that people remember most fondly. When people talk about it, their eyes light up.” The mural was actually fabricated in Yancey’s studio using an indirect mural process. The design was drawn up to scale, laid out on a 25-foot-by-10-foot platform, and then each tile was cut to fit the shape in the design. Yancey then used clear contact paper to hold the mural together, cut it into 330 sections and stored it until it was ready to be installed. He worked on the installation with master artisan Luis G. Alicea and artist Steven B. Jones.

I’ll give Mr. Yancey kudos…that is one coooool Mural! Here is a close up. Stop by and see it if you are ever in town! Stunning!