Daytona, Florida – A Sea of 3’s!

I was at the 53rd annual running of the Daytona 500 yesterday in Daytona, FL.  It was a perfect day…weather was great and the track had brand new pavement.  It was going to be a great race!  In a touching moment to honor the death of one of NASCAR’s best racers ever…Dale Earnhardt Sr.  …who died in a crash on this track 10 years ago…  His racing number was #3.  On the 3rd lap of the race…the track went silent (except for the racing cars) and the entire crowd held up 3 fingers in honor Dale Sr.’s #3. 

It was a wonderful view to witness….so I will call this shot… “A Sea of 3’s”.  The race was unreal..the most lead changes and cautions ever at a Daytona 500.  I was in the first row and enjoyed every bit of dirt and grit hittting my face or even getting into my mouth.   Ah the fun! 

I have been to quite of few Daytona 500’s…and love it every time!  Trevor Bayne a 20 year old kid in his first Daytona won it!   Great job!  It should be a fantastic NASCAR season!