New York City – World Trade Center

I took this shot many years ago with a film camera. I grew up in NJ and traveled into NYC often. As soon as I arrived into Penn Station I would head directly to the Twin Towers. It was my favorite thing to do in NYC. Now just a memory. We will never forget!

World Trade Center – Brochure

I grew up in NJ and one of my favorite things to do when visiting NYC was to arrive into Penn Station take the subway to the World Trade Center and go up to the top to see the view of New York City….floor 104 if I can recall. I watched a few shows yesterday on the 10 year anniversary and remembered that I had an old brochure from one of my visits years ago. This is about 20 years old. Here is the brochure from the World Trade Center thanks to my scanner. Click each image for a larger view. Even after 10 years…it is still very emotional to see. My thoughts and prayers go out to all that lost their lives on 9/11. We will never forget!!!

PDF Version: Feel free to download and keep! You may have to rotate the file upon download.

New York, New York – World Trade Center

It has been 9 years and for those that lived through it…we will all never forget.  It is the 9 year anniversary of 9/11 today and let’s remember all of the one’s we lost in this tragedy.  I think we all can recall where we were that day.  Hopefully you or a loved one was not there.   My sister was working across the street that day and witnessed much firsthand.  Unreal.  She has some sad stories to tell.

I grew up in New Jersey and we would travel into the city often.   My most favorite thing to do was to get into Penn Station and head immediately to the Twin Towers and go to the top and see the city view from above.  This photo above was from my of my trips into the city around the early 90’s.  No digital cameras then.  Sorry for the quality…it is a developed photo scanned in.   This shot is from the top of the Empire State building looking across to the once beautiful view of the Twin Towers in the distance.  A day like this makes everyone stronger…and smarter.