Weddings Photographed in Infrared

I was recently in Florida and decided on a Saturday morning to visit a the local gardens to shoot some infrared photos.  I have a project that I am working on and am in the midst of growing my IR portfolio.  Unfortunately, I will stop posting IR shots for a while due to this project.  One need was to shoot weddings in IR!  Just I as was walking around the gardens, I saw a wedding in the distance about to begin!   I kindly asked the groom if I could “side” shoot the wedding.  He agreed..thanks so much John!!!   I had a blast and was curious to see how wedding photos in IR would look!

I post processed them…wonderful!!!!  I do need to shoot another 1-3 weddings by May-June 2011.  So I have a favor to ask…if you live in the Austin area and now of a local wedding…I would be willing to offer my services for free in exchange for a model release for my project!  I do not want to be the main photographer…just a secondary.  If you know of anyone…please let me know! Sorry I have to keep the IR pics under wrap from the blog.  Later this year they will be back!  Thanks!