Seattle, WA – Space Needle

Seattle - Space Needle

NIKON D70S, Nikon 18-70

This is a photo of the famous Space Needle in Seattle.  Seattle is one of the best little cities in the USA.     Seattle is a medley of picturesque views of lush green hills surrounded by snowcapped mountains and sparking blue waters.   Mount Rainier stands the tallest mountain at 14,411 feet.   Seattle is nestled on a narrow strip of land between Puget Sound and eighteen mile long Lake Washington.  Seattle’s mild winters and cool summers work together to make the city lush and green, earning it the nickname, “The Emerald City”. 

Of course I have only visited in the summer when its been beautiful.  For those people that have or currently live in Seattle you can tell us how much it really rains there.   Some great sights to see in Seattle are; Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Waterfront, Pioneer Sqaure, Mount Rainier and you can take some wonderful  boats, cruises or ferries around Seattle.  And if you are there in the summer…see a baseball game – Seattle Mariners.  It is my favorite stadium in all of baseball!

Pike Place Market is the place to go to enjoy the Seattle experience.  To see the market workers toss the fish to each other is a wonderful sight to enjoy.   Here is some history I found on the net – Pike Place was founded on August 17, 1907.   A total of eight farmers brought their wagons to the corner of First Avenue and Pike and were quickly overwhelmed by over 10,000 shoppers!  By 11 Am they were sold out.  By the end of 1907  the first market building opened and every space was filled.  A century later Pike Place is known as America’s premier farmers market!  It attracts nearly 10 Million visitors per year!

If you are looking for scenic beauty, great food, music and some delicious coffee…stop in and visit Seattle!