REVIEW: UPstrap – camera strap


Every once in a while I will post a review on products that recently purchased and think are great!   Every week I watch D-Town TV Podcast (for Nikon DSLR users) with Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski.  They always have great tips.  Recently Matt noted a great strap he uses called the UPstrap.  I checked out the site – you can click UPstrap and it will take you there.  I had  an Optech strap that was ok, but always felt I needed something a little better.   I read about how the UPstrap has a patented non-slip all surface pad.  We all place our cameras on our shoulders and hope they never slip off.  I thought this might be perfect!   On the site they have different versions/prices – so you can choose what you prefer.  I purchased the SLR-Quick Release-QR for $55.00.   I wanted the quick release for the times I mount my camera on a tripod and dont want the straps to hang down.  Another great thing about this strap is that you can sling it over your body at a 45 degree angle and it feels very secure!  You camera then hugs your hip.   Kudos to UPstrap!   A fantastic strap!!!   Some upcoming reviews I will have are for NIK Software Color Efex Pro 3.0 (I have been using as of late in my posts) and I have just ordered my first aluminum print from a place called Image Wizards. They say it is your photographs printed in high-def!  Should get it in the first week of June.  I’ll let ya know how it looks!