Paris, France – Arc De Triomphe

Paris, France - Arc De Triomphe

Nikon D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

I received an wonderful email yesterday from  They have included my picture above in the “Schmap Paris Seventh Edition”!    I plan to be in Paris later this year and will look for a copy.  The link to Schmap Paris with this photo is   ….as they say in France – Voila!  (sounds like Wah-La! )  It means there it is.  LOL  I love when they use that saying in France!  Cracks me up!  Another reason to love Paris!

I have always taken photos fo rmy enjoyment and memories.   But we all feel as though we would enjoy seeing our work on a wall, frame, place of business, publication…basically anywhere!  Why?  Because it nice to get noticed.  Photography is an art.  Artists can choose to be unknown or known.  I prefer known.  We all should have goals.  If you want your work published also – you must work at it.   A great start is to read the Photographer’s Market (click on the title to take you to the site link).   If you know you have great shots – go out and get them noticed!