Cleveland, OH – Detroit-Superior Bridge (HDR) & RatZilla!

From the lovely city of Cleveland, OH here is the Detroit-Superior Bridge in HDR. I was a bit confused…why would a bridge in Cleveland be called the Detroit-Superior Bridge? Can you take it to Detroit? Did it come from Detroit? No it did not. The bridge links Detroit Avenue on Cleveland’s west side and Superior Avenue on Cleveland’s east side. Now it makes sense! But it is also known as the Verteran’s Memorial Bridge.

I had to search for this location for a bit. It is located near the cross of Riverbed Street and Center Street. Now my objective was to grab a blue hour shot and maybe a full nite shot. I arrived a bit before sunset and walked around a bit. Across the waterway there were quite a few homeless folks that I watched closely…making sure to watch my back. When I walked up I was told to stay on this street only as it can get dangerous 2 blocks away…very comforting. The thrill of photography! What we do to get our pics! I set up waterside and waited for the sun to set. My tripod as ready and I kept adjusting the focal length through the viewfinder. Suddenly while glancing down out of the corner of my eye a FOOT long rat ran right under my tripod and feet. I jumped away and since I was standing still even startled RatZilla! My sudden movement made him go airborne…just an inch or two! It started him good! I love moments like this as they are surreal and you really can’t believe this is happening before your eyes! RatZilla turned into Air Rat Jordan! Quite funny! But then again moments like this wake you up from your photography focus. Homeless/Rats/Nightfall = a fun photo adventure. Always be safe!

After experiencing this as the blue hour started to fade I decided it was in my best interest to head back to the hotel. I survived and was well worth it for the pic above! I just do not want to bump into RatZilla again! I still can’t believe how big this dude was!

Some info from the web: The Detroit–Superior Bridge (officially known as the Veterans Memorial Bridge) is a 3,112 foot (949 meter) long through arch bridge over the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio. Construction by the King Bridge Company began in 1914 and completed in 1918, at a cost of $5.4 million. It was the first fixed high level bridge in Cleveland, and the third high level bridge above the Cuyahoga (the first was the Old Superior Viaduct and the second the Central Viaduct, also built by the King Company). At its completion, the bridge was the largest steel and concrete reinforced bridge in the world.