NEWS: PhotoVision – Portrait DVD’s

September 30th the special ends for PhotoVision!! If you are thinking about or want to learn about Portrait Photography…these DVD’s are great!  I just watched the latest DVD on my plane ride home the other day!   Standard price is $149.00…you can get a 1 year subscription (6 DVD’s) for the price of only $39!!!   (Save $110!!).   This months DVD contents are noted in the photo to the left.  Click the link above and use promo code PVFAN

REVIEW: Photovision – Portrait Photography DVD’s

This past year in my yearning to learn more about Portrait Photography I have subscribed to a service provided by Photovision.  I must say it is wonderful!!!  Every other month I get a 2 hour DVD with tons of great material on portrait photography.  I truly love these DVD’s!   A must have if you are planning on shooting portraits.  I’ll give Photovision a 9 out of 10!  (10 out of 10 if it was every month! …LOL)  Use this code “PVFAN” and the typical $149/year cost will be only $39!!!  Save $110.00!!

Here is info from the web site:  In its 12th successful year, PhotoVision currently has over 22,000 participating studios. PhotoVision consists of 6 2-hour video DVDs a year, 1 mailed every other month, featuring leading photographers bringing you the latest and greatest things happening in the photographic industry. You’ll see photographic styles and techniques, digital workflow, lighting and posing, Photoshop tips and tricks, hear innovative marketing and sales strategies, output alternatives, new hardware and software reviews and much, much more. You’ll go into the studios and see photographers during actual sessions working with real clients and go on location to experience entire weddings.