Photoshop World – Las Vegas 2013

Photoshop World Vegas 2013_Talke

Just arrived back from my one day visit to Photoshop World in Las Vegas. It is going on until Friday…so attend if you can! I did not have time to take any classes this year, so I just went out for the exhibit. I love the PSW Exhibits….booths from lots of companies, speakers non-stop at various locations, meet and chat with some of the best photogs in the business and see some good friends.

My favorite part of the exhibit is the Westcott booth. The have two models that pose all day! Whew…feel for them. Ever pose for 20 mins? 1-6 PM would be tough!!! They are pre-lit and pose non-stop for you! Lighting styles vary and they are using Westcott products. Last year I shot Frankenstein and his bride. This year, this cool model was done up in a jungle style. Love that head dress. You get to photograph as much as you want and get that paparazzi feeling. Afterwards you can enter the “Shootout Contest” by Westcott and may win some great prizes! Winners may be featured in future Westcoot catalogs, print material and on the web with name recognition and a website link. Great stuff!

The shot was my fav of the day…I took hundreds…and post processed it in Photoshop. I shot this with my D800 + 70-200 f/2.8 lens. I must say the D800 for portraits in unreal!! Have fun!