COMPOSITE BACKGROUNDS now available for sale!

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HDR Mafia – Pittsburgh Style (HDR Composite)

I had been traveling for about a month now for business and luckily had a few chances to go out shooting when possible. I was in Pittsburgh this past week and gave my good friends Dave DiCello HDR Exposed and Mike Criswell aka Theaterwiz a heads up and we had a few early morning hours to catch some pics before my flight left at noon. We met at 5 AM and you will see in the next few months…we tackled some great locations and took some sweet HDR’s. Thanks to Dave for driving…his knowledge of Pittsburgh is key! Mike cruised in from Ohio and I cant even remember where I came in from…oh yeah Cleveland.

We have an HDR Mafia in Austin…as Mike noted on his blog yesterday…it is time for Mike & Dave to start an East Coast Chapter. Check out Mike’s shot on his blog..another sweet HDR. Dave will get his version up soon! While shooting, we had to capture the moment and look like tough guys…the shot above was our second location for posing. Funny…we were walking in the Strip District and I said…I had seen some old tires stacked in someones shot online…I wish we could find it! Then whammo..right in front of us right after I completed my sentence.

The shot above was an HDR Composite. I am learning this method and its quite easy. Take a normal shot of your subjects and then have them step away and while keeping the camera in the same position…take the scene in HDR (This was 7 exposures). Combine the two in photoshop layers, blend, touch up and thats it! This one I added a little extra touch from onOne’s Photo Tools.

I had a blast shooting with Dave & Mike! Two super talented HDR artists! Follow their blogs and check out their sweet HDR’s! The Burgh Rules! In this pic from left to right: Pete Talke, Dave DiCello, Mike Criswell

SXSW Portrait Session w/Doa

Per my previous post…I thought about it after a few comments and decided to keep Places 2 Explore as is!  I have now started the Talke Photography Blog. Here you will find posts on Portraits – Events – Sports.  These type of photos will be found there!  Bookmark it now!  I still have to update the look and feel on the new blog.   Places 2 Explore will now be for landscape shots and professional sporting events after today!   Enjoy!!

Recently during SXSW I met up with my good friends Steve Wampler and Alex Suarez for a mini photowalk model shoot with the amazing Doa!  Doa was awesome!!!  We had a great time at lunch this day and walked around to various locations and grabbed many shots while fighting the crowds.  I was shooting standard pics and also some in Infrared.  I’ll post those IR portraits one day soon….very cool!!

In my desire to become a portrait photographer…shoots like this are such a great experience.  I just need more experience working with the subjects.   That will come in time.  So I think about my future plans and over the last few years I have added a few shooting styles to my abilities..HDR, IR, Texturing, etc…   To really excel in portraiture you need to stand out.  Most everyone can take a portrait shot that is decent.  But you need that extra kick to have people want you to photograph them.  So I am working on incorporating all my past skills into such pics.

The above shot is just basic Photoshop and layers.  Took about 10 minutes!  A cool and different look!   To use the old saying  …why be ordinary? …be extraordinary!!   Have fun!  The original shot is below…

Denver, Colorado – Denver Zoo

I have been working on growing my photoshop skills and have seen many photographers take a subject (usually a car) and make it stand out.  I did a young Giraffe and it came out as a fun shot!  It is not too difficult to produce such a photo…took me about 20 minutes.  The outcome is always kinda neat!   Makes it seem as this little guy has a super long neck!  LOL   Have fun!

Nurnberg, Germany – St. Lorenz Cathedral (HDR)

I was having a little photoshop fun last nite with an HDR.  I saw a lesson on how to create this special effect on some small brochure and wanted to give it a try.  Now I admit not to being anything close to knowledgeable at Photoshop. I know the basics on how to process my HDR’s and that is about it.  I can add textures easily…no problem…but for this I tried to add my moon shot…it was cool..but my moon needed to be sharper and crisp on the edges.  Maybe a stock moon shot would have worked better?   Here is the moon version…small and from afar it looks great, but up close it was messy.    But at least I figured it out!  I’ll find a stock shot of a moon and give it a try one day again in the future.

I promised myself this year to learn Photoshop and how to really work on layers. After my summer travel schedule slows down, this fall, I will get to work on learning Photoshop.  I am certain there are some cool things you can do to a photo.  I will not use it all the time, but its like texturing…done correctly, it can create great art!  I gladly will diversify my photography skills, why not my photoshop skills as well!  Original Shot…

Any skilled Photoshoppers want to teach me?  =)  Matt Kloskowski…shoot me an email!  LOL  I am a member of NAPP and Kelby Training…so study time is due one day soon!