Sunapee, New Hampshire (Infrared vs. HDR)

Sunapee NH IR

Sunapee NH HDR

NIKON D300 & NIKON D70S (Modified by LifePixel), Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix, Color Efex Pro

Here is a double dip for you!  I was in NH last driving up north about 60 miles from the MA border into the middle of NH.  It was peak season for fall colors…and the drive was breathtaking!!  Unfortunately, I had to work and visit a customer – so little time to take any fall photos.  But as I was driving back, I noticed this lake along the roadside in Sunapee.  I quickly pulled the car over and set up my tripod.   I took HDR’s first and switched lenses to the D70S and took the same shot in Infrared!   A nice way for comparison.   HDR vs. IR!

I post processed the IR in CS4 and used Color Efex Pro to give it the blueish glow effect.  The HDR was 5 exposures, cable release and post processed in Photomatix.  I like both versions, so I decided for the double post!  Kinda cool to see both next to each other….not sure which one I like more??  This is why I always carry both cameras with me…options!

Getting back to the drive through NH…one word..WOW!!  I probably wasn’t driving very safely that day…I kept looking left and right at the foliage….so stunning!  It was sunny this day and the reds, yellows and oranges were so bright!    I loved when looking through the forest you can see the colors shine bright even far back in the distance.  Hope you are enjoying fall wherever you are!

Web Site:  LifePixel (Infrared Camera Conversion)