Austin, Texas – Photowalk

Yesterday we had a photowalk downtown in Austin with a different style….using models.  This was set up by my friends Alex Suarez and Steve Wampler.  At this time of year it is fun in Austin…SXSW is going on.  Even last nite..Apple opened a spot store and was selling IPad 2’s for it new release.   We had about 11 photographers and 2 models.  We split up into two groups…Canon shooters and Nikon shooters….due to using flash equipment.  We basically used one flash.  Our Nikon setup was using either a pocket wizard that we shared or shot commander mode using a mounted flash on a monopod shooting through a Westcott umbrella.

We walked around and shot all around the 6th street area from 5:30 until 8:30 PM.  We all had a blast.  The model above is named Eight.  She was incredible.  She posed and had no problem working with us for the whole time.  Kudos Eight!   We walked in this back alley and I thought it might be cool to get the Frost Bank Tower Building in the back of the shot.  We all sat on the ground looking up and snapped away!  Might be my fav shot of the nite!

Thanks to Alex and Steve…that was awesome!  Such a fantastic photowalk!  As you may have read from me in previous posts…the future of Talke Photography is portraits. A photowalk like this is key to experience.  Priceless indeed!  I had a blast.  It is amazing how much work a photo shoot is.  Carrying all your gear and being wary of people.  But all fun!!!