Milan, Italy – The Galleria

Milan, Italky - Galleria

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

I just had some pizza and it brought back a memory of my favorate pizza in the world!  Any pizza from Italy!   LOL  I will not make it to Italy this year and usually get to Milan once a year.   From my last post Milan is not the most beautiful city in Italy…but it is known for the best shopping at the Galleria!   A bit expensive for my taste…but a nice place to visit if you are ever in Milan. 

Here is a shot I took hand held from about 2 years ago.  I gave it the sepia look to make that old world feel.  Look at all those people shopping!  Other than the Duomo and the Galleria…oh yes, the painting “The Last Supper”…move on to the next city…Pisa and/or Florence are close!   Not sure if you can find a Pizza Hut in Italy!  Enjoy!

Milan, Italy – Galleria – HDR

Milan, Italy - Galleria HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Milan, Italy is an interesting place to visit.  We all know Milan as a fashion capital of the world.  While that may be true, the city is just ok.  Milan is a very industrial location.   Some of the sights you can see are the Galleria (for some great expensive shopping) in the picture above, the Duomo is right next to the Galleria, and while in Milan you can take a tour to go see the Last Supper painting.  Not tons to do in Milan.  I’d say it is a stop over to experience once. 

Although near the Galleria there is a closed street with shops and restaurants located on both sides.  It is wonderful to sit outside on the street while eating dinner and watch the people walk by.  Such interesting fashion to see.  And yes, while eating you do see many very tall and too thin models floating around.  There is one of my favorite Italian restaurnts near the Duomo/Galleria that has the best pizza I have ever had!  I always order 2 pies!  That fresh mozerella is out of this world!   I wonder if the can Fed Ex me another pie?? 

Only 30 mins train ride north of Milan is Lake Como.  Lake Como is the famous realxing place of George Clooney and Brad Pitt.  I hear it is wonderful!   

The shot above was taken with 5 exposures, amazingly hand held and post processed in Photomatix.   The HDR brings out some of the great colors of the Galleria.   On this blog and my personal website…the most searched/viewed items seem to be my HDR shots.   This style is growing fast!  I will work on an HDR tutorial in the next week or so and post it here.  This will be for those that are new to HDR, those that know about HDR and would like to learn more or if you know how to do it currently – to see what settings I use for Photomatix.   Enjoy!