Anahiem, CA – Angels Stadium (HDR)

Anaheim, CA - Angels Stadium HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

While we were in SoCal, I didn’t have a chance to catch a game, but had an early morning to walk up to Angels Stadium and take a few photos!  This is from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (whew…thats a long name!) stadium in Anaheim.  Minutes away from Disneyland in California.  At this time the Angels have the second best record in baseball and look solid for a playoff run!

I walked up to the stadium around 8 AM this Saturday.  Tripod, cable release and clicked away.  A security guard walked up to me and looked over my shoulder making sure I was taking pics.  Once he heard the shutter release..he was on his way!   I love all sports and would gladly attend a game at any stadium.  Add this to the list of HDR “wish lists”….baseball stadiums across America!!!  If I am ever near one and have a chance…I’ll post my shots here!   Good luck Angels!!!