Miami, Florida – Miami Beach

Miami, Florida

Nikon D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, Topaz Adjust

If you are young and single, Miami Beach is the place for you!   Great Beaches, restaurants, clubs and lots of wealthy people!  We were in town for a tennis tounament in Key Biscayne (20 mins south of Miami) and had our little one with us.  Unfortunately, we learned a lesson, this is a party town!  Not too fun for kids!   The room next to us liked to party through the whole evening and early AM.  Needless to say we moved to another hotel away from the action the next night.  Then we were ok!  

The water is amazing, but the beaches are a bit dirty (watch where you step).  You can also see some strange people here…so if you are into people watching…this is a great spot.  Main Beach action at night cannot be topped.  Its like a show when you are walking the streets…everyone is dressed up and expensive cars rule the main strip as traffic moves slowly….its seems like cruising was invented here.  LOL   I really enjoy tropical locations and Miami must be experienced at least once in your lifetime if you can.

This is from the Miami Beach web page:  Beyond the radiant sun, surf and sand, discover Miami Beach’s rich history as an entertainment and cultural destination, from world-famous Art Deco architecture to renowned nightclubs to designer fashions on Collins Avenue and Lincoln Road.  There’s so much going on in Miami Beach, you’ll need an extra hour to enjoy everything that makes this city so vibrant.  As the world’s elite playground, Miami Beach promises a 25-hour day; and whether you are an arts enthusiast, foodie, shopaholic, socialite or sun worshipper, there are plenty of options for where to spend that extra hour (or at least wish you had).

The photo above is one of the famous colorful Lifeguard Stations located on Miami Beach.   Its just a standard shot and I added a little effect to it using Topaz Adjust.  Topaz is a new “HDR like” plug in that seems to be a new favorite for many people.  It is kinda cool…I am just trying out the downloaded free demo.   I’ll keep using it and maybe will write a review one day in the future.   Have fun!