Leichtenstein – Castle


NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

Here is a nice picture of a castle from a trip I took last year.  It was in the country of Leichtenstein.   Liechtenstein is so small that if you blink when you go through it, you might miss it. It’s a grand total of 25  kilometers (15 miles) from north to south, and barely even 4 miles wide for most of its length.   It’s located between Switzerland and Austria (the very western edge of Austria), and is basically part of Switzerland; they use Swiss money, Swiss travel documents, Swiss telephone and postal service, and although there are border restrictions on the Austria side, the border with Switzerland is an open one. It’s known for two things – postage stamps and status as a tax haven. The population is a little over 30,000, one third of whom are foreigners. You won’t find much in the way of shopping here, unless you count  tourist sovenirs. One unique thing is the passport stamp – it’s such a novelty that they’ve actually turned it into a little money making tourist venture; while you’re in the capital city of Vaduz, you can go to the information booth and pay for a passport stamp.  (thanks for the info google!)

I took a train in ths day to visit a customer.  On my taxi ride back I saw this castle from my window.  Luckily the driver understood me and I asked him to stop.  I stepped outside the cab door and snapped this picture, then was on my way back to Switzerland!  Dont be afraid to ask taxi drivers to stop if you see a photo oppportunity!  The sunlight on this castle with clouds in the back of it….wonderful!  That was my best shot of the day!