La Jolla, California (Infrared)

NIKON D70S (Modified by LifePixel), Nikon 18-200 VR

Its the holiday why not allow the snow falling on the blog to cover the infrared white palm trees?   La Jolla is a great little town in Southern California.   Here is some info from the web:  La Jolla occupies seven miles of curving coastline jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. Although officially a part of San Diego, it retains its own small-town atmosphere, its own civic pride, and its own La Jolla postmark. La Jolla seaside resort community has 42,808 residents. La Jolla borders Pacific Beach to the south and extends north to Torrey Pines State Reserve and Del Mar, California. La Jolla, like most of Southern California, is an area of great natural beauty with a mixture of geology – sandy beaches and rocky shorelines good for a variety of outdoor activities. The area has a number of public beaches and parks. The most compelling geographical highlights of La Jolla is its ocean front, where residents and visitors can enjoy the alternating rugged and sandy coast line and view wild seal congregations. Enjoy!

For those that are new to my blog…welcome!  LifePixel converted my old Nikon D70S to Infrared.  LifePixel has a new and improved website and a new filter Super Color in Infrared!   Looks cool!  Check it out if you have time!  I might have to buy a used camera and convert it again one day!  Enjoy!

La Jolla, CA – Infrared Pines

La Jolla, CA PinesIR

NIKON D70S (Modified by LifePixel), Nikon 18-200 VR

Maybe its time for a run of Infrared shots!  Even though my backpack is a bit heavier, I do enjoy having my converted D70S with me on my trips!   I usually only take 40-50 IR shots on a trip and hope for at least 3-5 to turn out well!   My methods and learning curve have increased, but I have a long way to go in becoming an IR master.

I still have tons of techniques and subjects to try.  I am eager to try an HDR IR soon.  Unfortunately, my D70S can only take 3 bracketed shots.  I assume a semi cloudy day might work best?   Look for a post in the future!    This shot was taken in la Jolla mid day…not sure what type of pine tree this is…but it looks great in IR.  Is it X-Mas time?

La Jolla, CA – Infrared (IR)

La Jolla, CA - IR Palm Trees

NIKON D70S (Modified IR by LifePixel), Nikon 18-200 VR

Just returned from a week visit to SoCal.  Always one of my favorite places to live and visit!!  We had one late afternoon to stop by La Jolla.  Such a  cute little oceanside spot!  We walked down to the beach and enjoyed the gift shops along main strip.  There is this one section of by the cliffs that have these tall palm trees.  I love looking at the angles cretaed by the trees lined up along the sideof a few streets and thought it would be a nice simple IR shot.  Palm trees in IR always work well!  I’ll keep this one short…lots of photos to catch up on!  Have fun in the sun!

La Jolla, California

La Jolla, CA

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

Cailfornia is one of the most beautiful states in the US.  The California coast has some amazing places.  Some famous beaches are Venice, Newport, Malibu, and Laguna.   Although La Jolla is not your typical beach spot it is one of the best and most beautiful coastal loactions in Southern Cailfornia.  It is located  about one a half hour south of Los Angeles and about 15-30 minutes north of San Diego. 

The cliffs are stunning as you can see by this photo.   On the small beach you can find sea lions basking in the sun.  There are nice hotels and wonderful restaurants to eat at….including some typical beach style hot spots. 

Here is some info from the web:  La Jolla in Spanish means “The Jewel”. It is the Jewel of America’s finest city, San Diego. La Jolla is located 15 minutes from downtown San Diego. It has wonderful beaches, cultural activities and fine restaurants. La Jolla is an exquisite combination of a southern European resort atmosphere and Southern California fun. While La Jolla is known to be one of the most affluent communities in the United States, it has a down to earth feel due to the beautiful natural scenery and the helpfulness of its residents. Moreover, in addition to fine restaurants, beautiful beaches, hotels and art galleries, La Jolla is home to renowned institutions, such as the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Stephen Birch Aquarium & Museum. This is in addition to the University of California, San Diego. Furthermore, La Jolla is home to many Bio-Tech and software companies. In short, La Jolla is a great place to live in, visit, or do business.

If you are in Southern California, I’d say stop on by for a day…enjoy dinner and the wonderful views!!!   Have fun!