Ingram, TX – Stonehenge & Easter Island Collide! (HDR)

Recently I was taking the long drive to go check out the fall color at Lost Maples over the weekend and as I was cruising along and to my right I saw Stonehenge!! I made a note to check it out on my way back. I had no idea it was located in Ingram, TX or that I was even driving near it! Too funny! Ingram is about 2 hours away from Austin. I pulled in and there it was…Stonehenge II and two Easter Island heads. Classic! Not the most beautiful location, but hey as a photographer, we can try to make it look better. Hopefully the HDR and texture combo works?

I checked out some info on the web…Stonehenge II was erected as an amusing art project by the late Al Shepperd and his friend and neighbor, Doug Hill. Hill had offered a limestone slab to Shepperd in 1989, unused in his recently completed back patio. Shepperd stood the rock up monolith-style, and then odd thoughts started to seep into his head. He was gripped by what we’ve observed as a rare but not unknown malady — Stonehenge Fever.

Within the next year, Shepperd bankrolled Hill to construct plaster and graphite-covered metal mesh and steel frameworks, replicating the mysterious stones of England, in the middle of Shepperd’s pasture. He opted for a somewhat faithful replica, akin to Sam Hill’s Stonehenge more than Carhenge or even Fridgehenge. The finished product is 90% as wide as the original, and 60% the height. Shepperd added two 13-ft. tall Easter Island heads a year and a half later, after visiting Easter Island.

Great stuff! I had no idea there was such a thing as Fridgehenge or Carhenge…gotta luv this odd world!!