NEWS: HDR Tutorial – now updated!!!

I have finally updated my HDR Tutorial!  Sorry it has taken so long…from now on if any of my processing styles change drastically (new software or Photomatix update)…I will update it asap!  This one was long overdue.  This is my work flow…you can also see some plug ins I use from NIK Software.  You can access  the tutorial here…HDR Tutorial and a link is always located on the right side of my blog.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Have fun!

HDR Tutorial

Nurnberg - HDR

I just added the completed HDR tutorial to the site!  You can find in on the right-top section on the front page.  Just click the link and it will take you there!   Sorry some of the indents are off…not easy converting from a word document to a web based application.  One day when I get a full time site, I’ll clean it up a bit.  If you have any questions, just let me know.

The photo above is used in the tutorial.  It is from Nurnberg, Germnay.   See how it was processed from start to finish!   Don’t forget to become a fan on Facebook!  Click here… Talke Photography.  You can also find this image on  as a free wallpaper for you iPhone or iPod Touch!  Check my blog entry for this web site for more details.  Enjoy!

HDR Tutorial Update

Thanks so much to everyone visitng my blog!  It is growing fast!!!   Just about 3 months old and nearly 15K hits!  I appreciate all of your comments and feedback!   As I have noted in the past posts – HDR seems to be the most searched item on this blog and even my standard website.   As thanks I will be posting an HDR tutorial soon (my methods and thoughts)!  I have begun working on it and will post it here on my blog and also will have copy to email as a PDF.   If anyone wants an early copy (be my guinea pig) on how it looks – please send me an email at   I would like some feedback before I post it.  I hope to have a prelimary copy ready by next Monday.   Post date for the tutorial on this blog is estimated June 1st!

The second most searched subject is IR Photography!  Check back in a few months…I will post an IR Tutorial as well!   Maybe I should write a guide book for HDR and IR???  Hmmm…food for thought!  Have fun!