HDR Tennis (on Facebook)

I belong to this wonderful Facebook Group called HDR Tennis.  If you are a photographer that dabbles in HDR…you are free to join anytime!   The project was started my my good friend Dave Wilson.  The process of HDR Tennis is that the winner of the last game (every 2-4 weeks) supplies brackets to the group for all members to process.  After you process your entry…you can email or post it to the HDR Tennis Facebook page wall.  Some members may offer feedback and your photo is entered into the voting process.

As we all know an HDR is very subjective and each photographer has their own process and methods.   This leads to entires that are so very different.  It is wonderful to see how people view each set of brackets!  This month is Game 6 and the brackets were supplied by the great photographer Bob Lussier.  Check out his site for some cool pics!!

One of Bob’s Brackets for Game 6 looked like this…

A fantastic set of brackets!  Thanks Bob!   I like to have fun with my posts on HDR Tennis.  I try to create to something different that will stand out.   I processed Bob’s brackets and loved the textures of his shot.  My version is posted on the top of this entry.  The steps I took next were…

1) NIK Viveza – lightened the photo and added some structure

2) NIK Color Efex Pro – add blur Vignette to the sides of the photo

3) NIK Shapren, then NIK DFine – to get rid of any noise

The photo looked cool at this stage.  I worked on the door and steps a bit more.  Then I thought why not mirror the photo at mid level?  See how it looks…ya never know!

4) Flood Plug-In – I brought it into Flood and created a clear mirror effect and played with the horizon level.  At the direct middle I noticed the alignment was sweet!!  Clicked ok and it was ready?  After it was done, I could see some cool lines and it needed on more step!   I then changed the orientation CCW, then CW…trying both ways.  I really liked the final version above.   There it is…my HDR Tennis Game 6 entry!   Hope you enjoy!  My fingers are crossed for a win in Game 6!   If not, I will be back for game 7!!  =)

Stop on by HDR Tennis and join…challenge your self and post your HDR creations of the supplied brackets.  Not only can you learn, but you can have fun!  We also have some of the top HDR artists around involved…hope to see your entry soon!  Check out some of member’s posts…

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