Photo Gadgets: Seculine Action Level Cross

I read many Photo Magazines in my spare time.   My favorite magazine is called Outdoor Photography.  This one is form the UK.  Not to be confused with the US version Outdoor Photographer.  It has great articles and photos every month.  While catching up on my reading this weekend, I noticed an ad for some new gear.   There was this cool level!  I have been wanting one, but not the “Green Incredible Hulk Cube”.  I really do not want to shoot with one Hulk Cube positioned in my hot shoe.  Kinda distracting?

I looked and could not find it here in the US…Amazon UK has it.  Not cheap.   In US it is about $83.00.  I can imagine it would be great for sunset shots!  Those lights would be a nice help!  Any photographer seaches for new gear…lenses, the perfect photo bag, and some extra fun stuff!  Now this looks fun.  Not sure how good it is.  Maybe one day I will order one?  If anyone owns one…let us know how it works!

Here is info from the web:  The new Action Level Cross from Seculine is a compact digital leveling device for any camera with a standard hot shoe fitting (adapter required for Sony/Minolta), showing not only horizontal level but also vertical alignment. This neat new device will work in standard Landscape mode as well as giving level information for portrait photography and when shooting directly vertically for skyscapes or downwards for applications such as flat copy work. The Action level Cross offers leveling information in the form of a cross over the horizontal and vertical fields with 7 Colour LED lights for each axis showing level information in a traffic light sequence going from Red to Green in the centre when the camera is level. There is also a handy third set of lights showing information for horizontal level when behind the camera.

When photographing in portrait mode or doing vertical style photography such as flat copy work, the Action level Cross will automatically sense its position and provide directional information to level your camera. Adjustments can also be made for both brightness and sensitivity and there is a calibration facility to custom set the unit for your particular application. For those looking to use their camera in low angle or overhead, there is also a remote unit available which will show the relayed information via a cable from the unit on your camera.