Flipboard – Now has Google Reader!

Do you have an IPad??  Flipboard is one of my fav apps.  Flipboard now offers Google Reader!  Why is this great!  You can subscribe to your favorite blogs and now have them served up in the contents “Google Reader” section!  So if you would like…please subscribe to “Places 2 Explore” in your reader and you can get my feeds of every post on your Flipboard!   Thanks!  Technology is great!!

If you have note heard of it…here are some scoops…

Flipboard is a new, free application for the iPad which has one basic function: to take your social networking tools (read: Facebook and Twitter) and turn them into social “magazines.” As you can see from the screenshots — which are all culled from my Twitter stream — the application is very attractive. Read on for my full impressions.

After downloading Flipboard you enter your Twitter and Facebook details into separate streams, and those streams are then turned into “magazines,” — and they do, indeed look just like magazines. The attractive print-style layouts present you with pages of recents tweets, articles (pulled from the links in the tweets of those you follow), and the opportunity to respond from right within the app itself.