Whitehouse, NJ – Diner (HDR)

Whitehouse Diner_Talke
I recently traveled back to NJ and finally noticed they demolished this old diner in Whitehouse. I think even as a kid it looked like this. I heard there was a fire and it sat at this location for years looking just like this. As I look back I am glad I took an early morning visit to the diner to capture it in its grungy decay. Great for photos!!

I miss the Jersey Diners…my favorite meal at any diner is a Pizza Burger! OK…now as I type this I am hungry! Enjoy!

Whitehouse, New Jersey – Whitehouse Diner (HDR)

While in my home state New Jersey this week I had a chance to stay with my family.  I had to hit one of my favorite spots after dinner…the Polar Cub Ice Cream Stand!  Tough not to pass up a soft chocolate ice cream topped with a hard chocolate dip!  Great stuff!   Only 1/2 mile from there…you can find an old abandoned diner sitting and decaying for all to see.  On Saturday morning I woke up early and went to grab some pics!   I snapped a bunch and as I walked around, I can tell in the back there must have been a fire that shut this place down.  The kitchen was a mess.

As I grew up in NJ…Diner’s are a way of life!  In our area, there are quite a few!  Gotta love stopping by and getting a Pizza Burger Deluxe!  So why did this sone not open back up?  Who knows?  I googled it and found this diner is somewhat of a hot spot for photography diner lovers!  I bet you can find it in a NJ Diner book somewhere!   I’ll search more and post another shot later.  Have a great weekend!

…sorry its a crazy week ahead..my post amount will be slow on P2E