Money, Money, Money in HDR

In a follow up to my “Coins in HDR”…here is “Currency in HDR”!  I had to fix up my tone mapped HDR in Lightroom.   Photoshop will not allow any bank notes to be processed in the software.  They worry about counterfeiting.  Understandable.  So these bills from around the globe and offer a nice screensaver!   And yes, I did visit Jamaica many years ago!   Back then (early nineties) 1 USD = 23 Jamaican dollars…now 1 USD = 85 Jamaican dollars!  Wow!!  We are rich mon!!  I love the Canada bill…it has hockey on it!  When I think of countries around the globe, sometimes, “Its a Small World” ride in Disney comes to mind!  I love that ride!   Have fun spending your money wherever you are!!  Cheers!