Innsbruck, Austria – Swarovski Crystal World

Crystal-World-SW_TalkeInnsbruck, Austria is a small city in that reminds me of a storybook. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and at this time of the year, snow still tops some the mountains and the hilly countryside is green and beautiful. Sometimes when you look, it seems surreal. Must be an amazing place to live! We arrived last week and had a little time to see some sights. We decided to stop in at Swarovski’s Crystal World. About 20 mins from downtown. It was a beauty of a day and I had always wanted to capture the “Giant” of Crystal World” at the entrance of the tour.

I’ll post a few pics from inside soon…but if you want to see a video I took with my IPhone of the entrance….please visit my Facebook link here…Swarovski Crystal World