Austin, Texas – Lord’s Gym (HDR)

I had always wanted to shoot a boxing ring in HDR. I recently visited the super cool Lord’s Gym in Austin. This place rocks! Such a fantastic spot for and HDR! You have to love gritty and visually pleasing locations like this! I love all the action in this photo. Stop by and talk to Richard if you need a workout!! More shots will come in the future.

From their web site: (so classic!!)

What you won’t find at Lord’s Gym:
People with fake tans in spandex
Girls in makeup
A date for Friday
A sales pitch every time you come in to workout
People looking to pick a fight

What you WILL FIND is:
A good solid workout
Professional boxing instruction
Results YOU can see in the mirror
A real gym environment, not a yuppie haven
Friendly and helpful training partners
A community of like-minded individuals
Busy people like YOU looking to get fit fast

Great gym Mr. Lord!! Its a knockout! Had to add one more shot!!