LA Angles of Anaheim – ECO Bag Giveaway (May 22nd)

Thanks to the wonderful people at Nitto Tire they have created a LA Angels of Anaheim ECO Bag giveaway for May 22nd vs. the Atlanta Braves! What makes it cool is that the photo on the ECO bag is my HDR!  Sweet!  So if you are a baseball fan and live in Orange County and happen to hit the game on the 22nd…enjoy the ECO bag!  I am a big sports fan and must admit, I love it!  Added to that I took this shot one early Sat AM last summer for my wife as she is a big Angles fan!  So it makes it special!   If you click on the Angels schedule…then promotions for that day…here is what you see…

Good luck Angels on the 22nd!!  Wish I could make it out to the game!!  I’d love to see the fans carrying the bags!  =))


TuningDay2009 Ad

It is always fun to see how your pictures are utilized.  Here is a recent cool shot that is for TuningDay2009 in Europe!  They took my SF Golden Gate Bridge Photo…added a highway and car via Photoshop and made a advertisement!  Great work!    They wanted to show their car driving in an inconic area of the US.    Here is the orginal shot…


Please feel free to contact me any time for photo usage!