Austin, TX – 360 Bridge (Infrared)

Austin, TX - 360 Brudge
From Austin, TX…locals know well of this famous location to view the 360 bridge. Climb a few rocks and you have a great view! Now you have one in Infrared!

7 comments on “Austin, TX – 360 Bridge (Infrared)

  1. Gorgeous Peter. Love your IR shots.

  2. kerbey says:

    It looks like snow, but I know better than that. It also makes me want to go down the road a bit and eat at County Line.

  3. K ~ thanks! Jealous!! We tried a BBQ here in SoCal…horrible! They do not even give you bread! I’ll be back in Austin in April for a few days….brisket-time as much as possible!! =)

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