HDR One Magazine – Jan 2013 Issue (Including my article on HDR Composites)

HDR One Magazine
The recent issue of the wonderful and free HDR One Magazine is now available! If you are interested in HDR Composites….my article is included! This issue is wonderful and has some great articles by some amazing photographers..Chris Smith, Miroslav Petrasko, Jim Denham, Joe Meirose, Dave Dicello, Jim Nix and Neil Kremer. Click the link above to download your free copy today!!

HDR Composites – From Urban Barn Photography!

My HDR Backgrounds have been selling wonderfully!! It is great to see the HDR composite style taking off!! I always welcome any photographer that is using my backgrounds to send me your composites….I will gladly post em on Places 2 Explore! These two super HDR Composites are from Jen at Urban Barn Photography. She does amazing composite work!!
Urban Barn HDR 01
Here is one more HDR Composite…the background is from Newport Beach, CA…wonderful Jen!!
Urban Barn HDR 02
You can find more of Jen’s composites here….Urban Barn Photography Composites

I will release more cool backgrounds on Friday! If you enjoy composites….you can find my HDR backgrounds here (each have exclusive HDR’s)…
1) Peter Talke Photography Site: HDR Backgrounds
2) Denny Mfg: Peter Talke Digital HDR Collection

Thanks for looking! =)

Peter Talke Photography – HDR Collection App! (FREE!!)

Thanks to all my fans for visiting Places 2 Explore! I get pumped with every new visitor! With over 1 Million views….I am honored to be a destination for your web clicks! I would like to try something new today! Here is a link that hopefully you can copy and paste….send it to yourself via email to your mobile device (Phone/Tablet). It may not work on all phones (IPhone/Andriod’s are ok). When you open the info on your device click the link and follow the instructions. Tap to place the “App” on your home screen. Now you have 50+ of some of my favorite HDR’s. I call it the Peter Talke Photography HDR Collection App! Enjoy!! If it works or does not work…send me a note! =) Thanks and enjoy! Pete
1) Copy and paste this info below into an email to yourself….

Open this email on your mobile device.

Because your album is over 10MB, Please connect to Wi-Fi before launching for the first time.


If you get this prompt, tap Increase to save your album for offline viewing.

(it might take a minute or two to load the first time you use it)

Lacrosse HDR Composite

Lacrosse Composite
Here is the amazing Abby looking tough and ready to dominate Lacrosse! This is an HDR Composite. Shot in studio with a 3 light set up, white backdrop and one of my new up and coming HDR backgrounds…processed in Photoshop. I have an article on shooting HDR Composites in HDR One Magazine and the March issue of Inspire! I will put both links up as soon as Inspire Magazine comes out soon! If you are into this style of photography…you can find my backgrounds for sale here….

1) Denny Mfg. Website
2) Peter Talke Photography Website

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions!

And for those Flickr members…I started up a group for HDR Composite artists…
Flickr: HDR Composite Group

Laguna Beach, CA – Victoria Beach (HDR)

Laguna Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in SoCal. One place I had never been until recently was Victoria Beach. Park on PCH, walk through a few streets, down some steps and walk over some tricky rocks and you have arrived! It is a private public beach. The main attraction is the tower that was built in 1926. It was designed to provide spiraling stairs down from the cliffs above. The design is a Victorian Lighthouse. A very cool spot, but be careful walking up with your gear. Waves were crashing up on the rocks….luckily not too large this day.

As for the photo…not something I do very often…shoot an HDR in extreme sunlight. For this reason I used a B&W Filter – Neutral Density #106 1.8-64X. It helps with longer exposures.

B&W Filter

Peter Talke Photography Settings:

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Nikon 12-24 f/4.0
Setting: Manual Mode
Filter: B&W ND #106 1.8-64X
Focal Length: 20.0mm
ISO: 200
Exposure: HDR 5 Exposures (+2 to -2)
Aperture: f/20
Gear: Tripod
Post Process: Adobe CS5, Color Efex Pro, HDR Efex Pro

Austin, TX – Lord’s Gym (HDR) – New HDR Backgrounds Coming Soon!

Lord's Gym Austin, TX
From the awesome Austin, TX…here you can find the super cool Lord’s Gym! A perfect spot for getting an extreme workout and for us photogs..some great HDR’s!! I really enjoy finding these type places. Wish I had the guts now to travel up to Los Angeles and find places like this. Maybe one day!

NEW HDR BACKGROUNDS COMING SOON!!! – I have a bunch more backgrounds coming out in the next few weeks! Great alleys and sports locations! Keep ya posted. Denny Mfg. gets first choice, then the balance will go up on my site. Target date: March 1st. The color version of the shot above will be included!

HDR for Real Estate

Real Estate HDR
From a recent shoot from Irvine, CA. The house is due go on the market soon. These were some shots for a mailing. If you live in OC and are looking for a roughly $5 Million house…give Raj a call!! www.RajQsar.com A beautiful house! I may need to hit the lottery to buy this one! Good luck on the sale Raj!
Real Estate HDR 02

San Francisco, CA – City Hall (HDR)

San Francisco City Hall HDR
From the great city of San Francisco, CA. I had never seen the City Hall up close in all my visits until recently. Here it is in all of its HDR glory! Definitely worth the visit!! Some info from the web: San Francisco City Hall, re-opened in 1915, in its open space area in the city’s Civic Center, is a Beaux-Arts monument to the City Beautiful movement that epitomized the high-minded American Renaissance of the 1880s to 1917. The structure’s dome is the fifth largest in the world. The present building replaced an earlier City Hall that was completely destroyed during the 1906 earthquake.

Laguna Beach, CA – Infrared

Laguna Beach
What is a photog to do in SoCal when it is sunny most of the time? Shoot in Infrared. This shot is from Laguna Beach. A short walk from the Montage Spa & Hotel overlooking the Pacific Ocean. You can see a small part of it in the pic. This is my favorite spot in all of SoCal. You can find some seats that overlook the sea along the walking path and if you are here at sunset…stunning views! On this day about 1 mile out from the coast I could see a whale pop out of the ocean! How cool is that! If you are even in SoCal…Laguna has lots to offer!