Santa Ana, CA – Old Orange County Courthouse (HDR)

Santa Ana Courthouse (HDR)
The past week in SoCal it was nearly cloudy and rainy everyday. Very strange. I tried to get out and HDR as much as possible. I woke up early Sunday and the clouds were just about to pass through. I took the short drive to Santa Ana to see the Old Courthouse for the first time before the sun came out. A cool building…brick is perfect for HDR. The front view is nice…but unfortunately there is this BIG flagpole right in the middle. Not good for photos…it would look like a line as the flag is outta the wide angle shot. Whats a photog to do? Grab an angle pic! I’m just getting started HDR’ing around Orange County. Still have LA and San Diego to add to the list as well! Some cool spots coming in future posts!!

5 comments on “Santa Ana, CA – Old Orange County Courthouse (HDR)

  1. theaterwiz says:

    Your right about the bricks, perfect for HDR!

  2. nice shot, I had the chance to photo shooting the courthouse too couple of years ago, its a great building though there were no clouds and I was in bad timing so it did not turn out that good. LA and SD are great places for HDR.

  3. Rich McPeek says:

    Awesome shot Pete! Great work!

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