Placentia, CA – In “fore” ed (Infrared)

I am on a run of infrared shots! Here is one more. I recently shot a Golf Event at the Alta Vista Country Club in Placentia. I decided to take my IR camera and give golf a try! Golf courses in IR are great! Let see how actual golf looks! I snapped about 25 shots this day and was not sure what the outcome would be. I picked out one that might be a keeper and processed it. NICE!!!! Caught this guy just right and if you look close enough….the ball is actually in the sky…mid air!!! (not photoshopped!). Sweet!! Great shot buddy!!! I’d say IR Golf is now on the radar!!! Great combo!! Maybe I can coin a new style….Infored…get it…In “fore” ed. Just hoping you got a chuckle out of that one!!

3 comments on “Placentia, CA – In “fore” ed (Infrared)

  1. theaterwiz says:

    So Sweet Pete, and you got the ball…perfect

  2. Rich McPeek says:

    Awesome shot Pete! Love the IR!

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