Anaheim, CA – Disneyland: Space Shuttle Endeavour flyover

I took an early extended lunch today with my wife to go see the Space Shuttle Endeavour fly over Disneyland. The objective was to capture that iconic shot…Disney Castle + Jet/Space Shuttle. We arrived early and the park was filling up. I think most of CA today was taking off to see the last flight of Endeavour before it rests in Los Angeles. I heard streets all over were like parking lots and some businesses near the routes were charging for parking. Today was California’s fly over day. We arrived at the Disney Castle around 10:30 AM. We heard it would fly over at 11 AM. Time kept passing and no Shuttle. Luckily this one guy near us (NASA fan based upon his T-Shirt) had one of those special radios and gave us frequent updates. The past few weeks in SoCal has been hot and today it was another toasty one…so every passing minute…was not easy. I’d guess near the castle a couple thousand were gathered to see the shuttle. The kept announcing, “In a few minutes, the Shuttle will arrive and fly over the castle”…everyone clapped! 15 minutes after the first announcement, they said it again…everyone groaned this time. LOL People are classic. Finally we had news it was minutes away! No one had a clue which way it was going to fly over. Everyone prepped their cameras and looked toward the castle. How cool would have it been if the Shuttle flew right over the castle…what a picture that would be!! The all of a sudden the jet appeared! Not over the castle, but way in front of it! We all had to turn our heads over our shoulders to catch it! It was basically way in front of the castle. Ugh! You had to act fast. I think the min MPH of the jet had to be 375 mph. Probably in 5-7 seconds it was gone!! I zoomed in and grabbed the shot above. As it flew away I zoomed out and caught it flying over Space Mountain (below). Kinda ironic! LOL After waiting nearly 2 hours…the shuttle was gone. Everyone around could not believe the flight plan was to fly this way and hoped it was on its way back for a second flyover? We all waited and then heard the news it was already heading up north. Kinda sad. All the people were unhappy…we all wanted to get “that iconic shot”. No luck! I posted on my FB page…maybe Tinkerbell blocked the flight path over the Castle? Oh well…not the shot I was hoping for…but we did witness history!!! Hope to see the Endeavour up close in LA next year!!

7 comments on “Anaheim, CA – Disneyland: Space Shuttle Endeavour flyover

  1. Michelle says:

    I think I must have been standing near you!! My camera was also pointed at the castle! During the wait, I practiced taking shots of the Castle, Matterhorn and AstroOrbitor/Star Tours. I expected to get all of them in my photos, which was not to be. In any case, I got to thinking… it was actually a very appropriate flight path. It is said that Walt Disney had one foot in the past and one in the future. The shuttle appeared over Frontierland and soared over and in front of the Partner’s statue of Walt (with outstretched hand) and Mickey Mouse. It then continued into Tomorrowland, over Space Mountain and beyond. It wasn’t the iconic photo that I was hoping for either but… what an amazing thing to have it fly directly over our heads while we stood there in the middle of Disneyland! You got a great shot of it flying over Space Mountain!

  2. Dave Wilson says:

    It’s nice to hear I wasn’t the only one having problems shooting the shuttle last week! You may be interested to read my post at for my Austin experience.

  3. Michelle, thanks!! The pics are wonderful!!! Have a fantastic week!! =) Pete

  4. Dave, sweet shot!! Hope all is well in Austin!!!

  5. theaterwiz says:

    Sweet Pete, I heard this on the radio that morning and just imagined all my photog buddies out west jumping on this, lucky!

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