Austin, Texas – Under the Bridge (HDR)

Its summer and in Texas that means you are cooking!! Its nice to be in SoCal…we are a little inland and its hot as well here! Just last nite we had a few welcome back earthquakes…4.5. Not bad, but a little shaky!! =) This shot was from a photo walk I did with the HDR Mafia Group from Austin. Miss those guys! I need to start a group here in SoCal!! Later this year, once I get settled…I’ll see what I can do. If you are in SoCal and shoot HDR…just let me know. Have fun and stay cool!

4 comments on “Austin, Texas – Under the Bridge (HDR)

  1. Fantastic composition and great processing 🙂

  2. Very nice! Love the reflection, and the HDR on the bridge, while the water, foilage, and buildings are still realistic…;)

  3. I saw this on FB, had to come by for another look. This is a really nice HDR image.

  4. Great shot! Nice without being overdone.

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