Orlando, FL – Harry P Leu Gardens (Infrared)

From Orlando, FL one beautiful location is the Harry P. Leu Gardens. A cute place where on this day…a wedding was going on! I managed to snag a few pics and loved this BIG tree. Shot it in IR and just wanted to give it the “Oil Paint” filter from CS6 to add an effect. It kind reminds me of my 80’s hair metal days…so I will call it the Bon Jovi tree…kinda looks like his hairdo.

8 comments on “Orlando, FL – Harry P Leu Gardens (Infrared)

  1. Outstanding shot Pete! Bon Jovi tree!!! hahaha I like that!

  2. Rich McPeek says:

    Awesome shot Pete! Love the title, so fitting!

  3. bentchilliphotography says:

    Not sure I like the reference to Bon Jovi’s hair ~ might get a scowl from me for that [ha ha] being a fan ~ but the photo is amazing!

  4. Rod Toft says:

    Bon Jovi is one of the greatest rock and roll artists that have ever lived. I was a fan of Bon Jovi ever since 1992 and i have been a loyal fan ever since. They really make great music. ;,,*; Kindest regards diseases site

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