Denver, Colorado – Bronco (HDR)

I fly into Denver a decent amount a times per year. Every time I ride the car rental shuttle bus I pass this super cool Bronco statue. Tough to miss! I always say…I have to grab that shot one day! It is located in the middle of the major roads going in and out of the airport. This day I was driving back to the airport early and decided to pass the Hertz return center and pull on the shoulder….park my car and take the 5 minute walk up to the Bronco with my gear. Not sure if it is the safest idea…but sometimes to get cool shots, ya gotta do dumb things! The surrounding area is not great…so I added some textures to spruce it up. It was taken during the winter time and was a bit chilly this day as well! Now I can take this shot of the bucket list!

One comment on “Denver, Colorado – Bronco (HDR)

  1. Rich McPeek says:

    This is really cool Pete! Great work!

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