New York 1930’s – Motorcycling

Hopefully we all have some great old photos in our family. While visiting my Grandma this past year we looked thru her old pics. My Grandpa was a avid motorcycle racer. Road races, hill climbs and anything moto! My photoshop skills are solid but to rework an old photo…a professional is needed. I sent in 2 pics today to a shop in TN called Antique Photo Repair. This is my scanned in image of my Grandpa from 1929 (with a small attempt to clean it up). Whomever took this shot must have been a great photographer! Super exposure!

When it arrives back…I’ll post the results. In the photos from this period I came across this shot…my Grandpa is in the middle….not sure who the other men are…all that is known is that it is from the 1930’s in upstate New York. Look at the condition of this shot! Also as a photographer the exposure is wonderful!! I can only imagine what camera was used to grab this shot! I’d love to one day study the history of photography. Unfortunately, many of us new photogs have no clue about early day cameras. I am picturing in my mind the box type camera with an accordion type body with a flash stand that goes “poof”! Any one know of any good books to read about camera history??

5 comments on “New York 1930’s – Motorcycling

  1. Rich McPeek says:

    Very cool Pete! I can’t wait to see the photos when you get them back, but these are really nicely done as is!

  2. Cheryl Talke (Arose) says:

    This is great! Having pictures of our biker dude Grandpa! I am glad you submitted two pictures of our Grandpa and his motorcycles to the TN Antique Photo Repair.

    Cheryl Talke (Arose)

  3. Fantastic, thanks for sharing… can’t wait to see the results 🙂

  4. doephotog says:

    wow man, way cool! Yer gramps looks like he was moving like a bat-outta-hell! Love it.

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