Salisbury, England – Stonehenge (HDR)

From the mystical Salisbury, England you can find Stonehenge. I took a bus tour this day from downtown London and it was pretty fun. Unfortunately, you only get (if I recall correctly) about 30-45 minutes at Stonehenge and the bus ride was a few hours long (one way). My time was spent circling the monument looking for the cool pics…while dodging tourists. Is Stonehenge worth the trip? Yes, to mark it off the list. But just like the bus driver stated as we approached and you could see Stonehenge on the horizon…”There you can see the bunch of rocks”. LOL I guess if you drive there every day…that is what you see. Cheers!

4 comments on “Salisbury, England – Stonehenge (HDR)

  1. Rich McPeek says:

    Sweet shot Pete! Love the detail in this!

  2. A.Barlow says:

    On my bucket list. Sweet shot!

  3. dawilson9 says:

    I used to live about 50 miles from Stonehenge and I visited only once. I was enormously unimpressed – I believed the tourist board hype and expected great things. Unfortunately, there was nothing there other than the monument (which was cool but I rather expected a bit more in the way of exhibits, history lessons, etc.). That was almost 20 years ago, though, and I hear they’ve built a visitor center now so it may be a better place to visit now. Beware, though!

    That said, excellent picture, Pete! 🙂

  4. wanderfool says:

    Loved the pic! Was in London couple of years back but never made it to Stonehenge…regret 😦

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