Austin, TX – DSLR vs IPhone – Texas Tower

We were walking through the University of Texas yesterday and walked by the Texas Tower. I looked up and enjoyed this view! I snapped a few shots and said why not try the same shot with an IPhone. I’d like to compare. I know we all take tons of phone photos. How do they really compare? Conditions were favorable…light was solid and the sky was blue. I will post the IPhone shot below and then see how they stack up! I am curious. Both shots were processed…DSLR in Photoshop. IPhone in Camera+.

Hmmm…well, I know I take lots of shots on my phone and say to myself…wow…looks great! But in reality, its mediocre. I guess those bright screens give us a false sense of security. Will phones ever over take DSLR’s??? Probably never. The details a DSLR sensor can capture are too impressive. This was a fun quick Saturday exercise! Have fun! Remember…carry your DSLR when possible! =))