Lakeway, Texas – P.Terry’s Hamburgers (HDR)

From my hometown of Lakeway…recently this hamburger shop opened up right near our neighborhood. Now I lived in California for a few years and nothing world wide tops In-N-Out hamburgers. I know we all have our preconceived notions on what we like and dislike and if someone says hey try this? If you already have a favorite, you typically say…no thanks! Or you try it and say…its ok but it is no “XYZ”. So when this place opened up I stayed away. Finally after a month I broke down and decided to give it a try. Now to me it is a copy of In-N-Out, so maybe it would be good? I gave it a whirl and it was pretty solid!! Yes, not In-N-Out, but a good #2!! Kudos PTerry’s! In-N-Out is in Dallas now and will soon be in Austin (few years). But at least there is a nice burger joint that passes the test! If you are ion Austin…look for a PTerry’s! I eat these burgers maybe once a week and always told myself as I drive up…that would be a cool HDR! …and here it is!! Burgertime!!

3 comments on “Lakeway, Texas – P.Terry’s Hamburgers (HDR)

  1. c. pardue says:

    While I personally don’t think In n Out is “all that”, I do think they are above many others. What I find fabulous is a burger place with this type of architecture rather than the eye sores that dot every corner. This is a beauty…Looks very Mid Century Modern. Living in Palm Springs as I do, I think fast food restaurants should have to look like this. I give an A+ to this place and I have not even tasted the food!
    BTW-Love your work and I post some of my favorites to my blog. Right now I have your “bubbles” as my screen saver. Everyone that sees it thinks it is way cool. I put it in a blog photoset (gave u credit of course) and called the set “the photographers eyes.”

  2. Rich McPeek says:

    Very nice shot Pete! Love the processing here!

  3. Wayne Frost says:

    P Terry may have copied In-N-Out, which is a tribute to In-N-Out, but he (or his architect) also seems to have copied something else from California, the “Googie” architectural style. I love the windows and the sweep of the building roof. That building looks like it should be on a beach in Southern California. Nice capture.

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